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National PTSD Awareness Day: Breaking the Silence, Healing the Wounds

June 27th marked an important day in the realm of mental health awareness – National PTSD Awareness Day. This day serves as a poignant reminder of the silent struggles endured by countless individuals living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It's a day to shed light on their experiences, raise awareness, and inspire compassion within our communities.

In this blog, we will delve into two anonymous case studies that highlight the invaluable work carried out by VPPP projects supporting veterans in their care:

Case Study 1: Combat Stress helping a male veteran in his 20’s diagnosed with PTSD

The client found themselves in a particularly bad place, drinking more and sort extra support. The client recognised he had some well-known PTSD symptoms but did not have a medical diagnosis in place. Combat Stress were able to undertake a detailed referral and assist the client with more information. The helpline service was also offered to the client to ensure that they had back up support whilst waiting for a referral.

In a further call the veteran expressed denial of his mental health and PTSD diagnosis. Showing empathy and allowing the client space to express himself, the veteran opened up about his challenges with alcohol and family issues. Combat Stress were able to explore avenues of support for the client, whilst checking the progress of the veteran’s referral and support the veteran has in place. Combat Stress were able to offer sources of practical advice regarding the family issues and about the crisis team that is in place if needed.

The outcome is that the client had a safe space to express his current emotional state and acknowledged his PTSD trigger towards end of the call, this being of particular note as the caller noted he is in denial of his PTSD diagnosis initially.

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Case Study 2: Combat 2 Coffee supporting a veteran about to become homeless

The veteran had split up from his partner and was in debt, as well as suffering from PTSD flashbacks and being type 1 diabetic. After a few meet ups and gaining the veteran’s trust, Combat 2 Coffee were able to support him with a referral to Op Courage and contact his GP to arrange collection of his medication which he had not been taken as it was a 80 mile round trip to where he was living. His place of safety became their Bury coffee shop and they were able to use a private room for a telephone triage. Combat 2 Coffee have managed to develop a relationship of trust with the veteran, enabling him to open up about what is troubling him and to see light at the end of the tunnel. Combat 2 Coffee liased with Op Courage on the veterans behalf to establish this relationship, and on discovering the veteran had no money for food, did a shop and drove a 90 mile round trip to deliver food for a month for the veteran.

Combat 2 Coffee received 2 emails of thanks from the veteran’s family for the support and help given.