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Supporting Veterans: Collaborative Efforts of DMWS and Other Organizations

This case study demonstrates the hospital support provided to a 64-year-old individual who was diagnosed with cancer. The patient was struggling to cope with the diagnosis and had a history of family difficulties with their adopted children. The Cancer Nurse Specialist referred the patient to the AF Hospital Welfare Officer to provide support.

The Welfare Officer provided support through visits and phone calls and also made a referral to Bridge for Heroes, a charity that provides support for military veterans and their families. The patient's family is considering whether they need support from West Norfolk Carers, but the patient feels able to cope currently. However, if the patient's condition deteriorates, the husband will have support to help look after his wife.

The patient was well supported by the Welfare Officer and is also using the support provided by Bridge for Heroes in the community. The Defence Medical Welfare Services (DMWS) is a charity that provides practical and emotional support to members of the Armed Forces, veterans, and their families during times of medical crisis. The DMWS could be a useful resource for military personnel and their families who are dealing with medical issues.

DMWS stands for Defence Medical Welfare Services, a charity that provides practical and emotional support to members of the Armed Forces community who have suffered injury, illness, or psychological trauma as a result of their service. This includes not only serving personnel but also veterans and their families. DMWS is a unique organization in that it works alongside medical staff in hospitals and other healthcare settings to provide an additional layer of support to those who need it most.


The support provided by DMWS is essential for veterans and their families, as it helps them navigate the often complex and overwhelming healthcare system. Veterans and their families may be dealing with physical or mental health issues that require ongoing treatment, and they may struggle with the emotional and practical challenges of adjusting to civilian life. DMWS provides a friendly and knowledgeable face, who can offer support, advice, and guidance to help them through these challenges.

Collaboration between different organizations is crucial to ensure that veterans and their families receive the best possible care and support. DMWS works in close partnership with other charities, healthcare providers, and military organizations to ensure that those who need support can access it as quickly and easily as possible. For example, in the case study mentioned earlier, the Cancer Nurse Specialist referred the patient to DMWS for additional support, and DMWS was able to refer the patient to Bridge for Heroes for further support in the community. Collaboration between these organizations helps to create a joined-up approach to support, ensuring that veterans and their families can access the right support at the right time.

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