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Finding Comfort and Support at the Bridge For Heroes Contact Centre: A Veteran's Journey

A veteran, who had recently lost his father while serving in the RAF, came into contact with the Portfolio programme in September 2022. The programme offered a warm welcome and provided the veteran with a safe space to talk about his loss. The veteran participated in several 1 to 1 sessions which helped him come to terms with his father's passing. He was informed about the Portfolio programme's activity centre and attended during an Open Day in November 2022. Impressed with the facilities and welcome he received, he returned to attend the Woodwork group when he could.

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Now out of service, the veteran decided to use the bike maintenance group and purchased his own bike with the helpful advice provided. He regularly attends the bike maintenance group, where he strips down, repairs, and rebuilds his purchase. The veteran had this to say about the Portfolio programme: "The staff and beneficiaries are warm and friendly, and the military connection helps create a comfortable environment. The interservice banter is fun and gives a sense of belonging."

A veteran named Adam first came into Portfolio's contact centre in King's Lynn in February 2023. During his first visit, a family member accompanied him and despite feeling nervous, the warmth of the staff and veterans helped him feel more comfortable. Vince signed up as a beneficiary and has since returned to the centre multiple times on his own, now feeling more confident. He enjoys chatting with other veterans over a warm brew and sharing stories.

Adam has also found the activity centre at Nelson House to be helpful for his mental health, especially the woodwork room. He is having one-to-one sessions within the drop-in centre to address his "demons" and feels that they are helping him move forward in his life. Staff at the Centre have gone above and beyond to help Adam gain employment, contacting outside agencies to help him secure job interviews which he believes will greatly improve his life.

The Bridge for Heroes is a UK-based charity that offers a range of services to support veterans, serving personnel, and their families. The charity was founded in 2010 by a group of veterans who had experienced difficulty transitioning back to civilian life and identified a lack of support for service personnel and their families. The Bridge for Heroes aims to provide a "one-stop-shop" of support services to help veterans and their families through the challenges of transition and beyond.

The charity offers a wide range of services, including welfare support, housing advice, legal advice, financial advice, and mental health support. They also offer a range of training courses and workshops, such as IT courses and CV writing workshops, to help veterans gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed in civilian life. The Bridge for Heroes also offers a befriending service, connecting veterans and their families with trained volunteers who can provide emotional support and companionship.

 One of the key services provided by The Bridge for Heroes is their Veterans' Support Centre in King's Lynn, Norfolk. The Centre is a safe and welcoming space for veterans and their families to access support and advice. It also hosts a range of events and activities, such as coffee mornings and social events, to help combat social isolation and promote community.

 Overall, The Bridge for Heroes is an important resource for veterans and their families, providing a range of services and support to help them through the challenges of transition and beyond. The charity's dedication to providing a "one-stop-shop" of support services and its focus on community building and social connections make it a valuable asset for veterans and their families.

For more information on the organisation please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The names of all veterans have been changed to protect their anonymity.